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Why Buy & Install Kelford Cams?

30,000+ engine builds, 60+ Race Records - Why Not Install Kelford Cams!

Kelford Cams,  54yrs manufacturing aftermarket High Performance Camshafts & Valve Train components for leading automotive brands

The company has built an enviable international reputation for design, innovation & superior quality driven manufacturing techniques. Our catalogue includes: Camshafts, Valve Springs, and a range of valve train components for leading automotive brands. Kelford dominates the performance aftermarket with World First Camshaft design & releases including BMW/Supra B58, Subaru FA20, Toyota Yaris with more to be announced: Innovation is our DNA

Our Design Team works with amateur & professional race teams developing custom solutions for Rally, Drift, Hill Climb, Circuit and all out Drag Racing programmes.

Lancer EVO 8 GSR
South Wales Performance - UK
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Skyline GTS-T
Outsider Garage - USA
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