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The BMW M Series S58 engine is the high performance version of the legendary B58 which is well known for delivering huge power gains with some basic modifications. BMW has provided the S58 with a much more performance orientated fuel system than the B58, giving scope for serious power gains in an already high performance engine. Commonly found in the newest generation M series.

  • G80 M3 2021+
  • G80 M3 Competiton - 2021+
  • G82 - M4 2021+
  • G82 - M4 Competition 2021+
  • G87 M2 - 2023+
Premium High Performance Camshafts


Unlock Serious S58  RPM

Experts in Design & Engineering

Kelford Cams has developed a camshaft and valve spring solution for the BMW S58 engine by leveraging our vast expertise with the B58, which we’ve acquired over the past two years.

Our products reflect premium quality standards that result from our in-depth research, design and manufacturing processes from the highest grade materials.

M Series BMW Camshaft

Valve Spring Fitment Guide

Download the S58 Engine Valve Spring Fitment Guide to clear up any confusion about using the B58B30 spring kit with the S58B30 head. Despite some claims suggesting that this is unsafe due to a different retainer being required for higher lift camshafts, our guide confirms that this is incorrect. The guide is available to download now and provides clear guidance on this matter.

S58 Camshaft Manufacturing



8.13 @ 170mph

The Shop CT and their BMW M240i running B58 Kelford Cams 258-B Precision Turbo Next GEN 7480 Sportsman turbocharger combined with a Visconti Tuning 3.0 Stage 2 engine, KLM turbo kit and Pure Drivetrain Solutions Stage 3 transmissions. Tuned by Mr. Mikey Botti, driven by @boosted_jahaziel. Congratulations to the team on this amazing achievement.

Kelford Cams BMW B58 Camshafts
s58 world record

S58 World Record: 8.49 @ 164.29 MPH

@rkautowerks Pushing 1179awhp and 45 PSI with: RK Stage 3 Engine RK g42-1200 turbo kit RK Billet intake manifold RK Surge tank Frankenstein Engineering CNC Heads Kelford 358-B camshafts Tuned by @stimikey and driven by @boosted_jahaziel

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