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Toyota GR Yaris

Lamspeed Racing - Australia

Engine modifications to keep the G16E-GTS reliable are a set of GR Yaris Kelford Cams upgraded valve springs, titanium retainers and billet camshafts.
With our knowledge and expertise, we knew that once we fit large sticky tyres, the first thing that lets go is the gearbox. We took this opportunity to upgrade this with a Drenth Motorsport Gearboxes close ratio sequential gearbox.

Other modifications include:

  • Lamspeed Racing coolant pressure sensor & oil cooler kit
  • Elsport carbon door trims
  • HKS carbon engine cover
  • Motec C125 logger dash
  • Varis Japan MFG carbon vented bonnet

The engine and bolt on power modifications were kept simple and tasteful fitting our Lamspeed Racing Catted down and midpipe, Akrapovic Exhaust System titanium catback exhaust and Eventuri carbon intake controlled by a MoTeC GR Yaris PNP ECU tuned by Armour Motorsport Services.

Kelford Cams

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Breaking records with innovative design & manufacturing to deliver the high performance  aftermarket camshafts and valve train components.


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