Toyota Starlet 16V 4AG

1981 Toyota Starlet Australia

Fully built 16V 4AG engine with the help of some skilled individuals. We used a rebuilt long block with TRD forged 12.5:1 pistons. Although we kept the bluetop bottom end, we added a ported head, Supertech valvetrain Kelford Cams 193-B after the initial dyno tune with the stock head. We put 20V Silvertop throttles on the drivers side and Niteparts headers on the passenger side, which lead to a 2.5" exhaust.

On the Mainline dyno, the engine produced 150hp at the hubs, which is not quite on par with @garage4age car (you should check him out), but it performs well on winding roads.


Kelford Cams

Pushing the boundaries to design, manufacture & deliver high performance Toyota aftermarket camshafts and valve train components.


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