ford ecoboost 2.3L aftermarket cams

ford ecoboost 2.3l Mustang aftermarket camshafts

valve spring kit Ford ecoboost 2.3L



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Ben Neal: “Last week the Cresta and Mustang shipped USA bound for Drag Week 2022 we’ve got some awesome partners this year including Valvoline, Goleby’s Parts & Fabrication, Raceworks, Empire Mechanical & Racing And Empire Elite Performance Parts.” Street Machine Article: 8 Second, Turbo Barra

Engine: Ford FG Barra 4.0L, half grout-filled
Crank: Ford, heat-treated
Rods: Spool
Pistons: Spool-spec CP
Induction: Hypertune forward-facing plenum, FG drive-by-wire throttlebody
ECU: Haltech Elite 2500T
Turbocharger: Garrett G42-1450
Head: Empire Mechanical-ported FG
Camshafts: Kelford Cams 218-B  280/280
Oil system: Horsepower Junkie billet oil pump, BA Turbo baffled sump
Fuel system: 55L fuel cell, three 525L/h TI Automotive pumps, 10AN feed line, 8AN return, Hypertune fuel rail, Raceworks 2400cc injectors
Cooling: S15 alloy radiator, Hypertune Hyperclamps and hard piping, Hypertune intercooler
Exhaust: Hypertune exhaust manifold a 4in dump pipe, BCW cat-back
Ignition: Platinum Racing Products R35 GT-R coil kit

Gearbox: Hughes Performance transbraked TH400
Converter: Custom-spec, bolt-together Hughes Performance
Diff: 9in, Moser aluminium centre section, full spool, 35-spline axles, 3.23:1 gears


Ford 4.0L Barra engine have been developed and tested with proven results.

These camshafts and the matching PAC Racing Beehive Valve Springs suit mild street performance through to pro drag racing applications.

The intake 218-A and 218-B camshafts, are designed with a slight difference in lobe duration and phasing to further promote swirl and tumble for proven cylinder filling efficiency and throttle response.


Ford Barra Aftermarket Camshaft

218-A  268/268 Degrees advertised duration, 11.50mm/11.50mm lift
  • Great power gains in engines with stock FG size turbo.
218-B  280/280 Degrees advertised duration, 11.88mm/11.88mm lift
  • Racing cams to suit well built engines for competition use.
218-C  296/296 Degrees advertised duration, 12.40mm/12.40mm lift
  • These cams still use hydraulic lifters, and suit competition cars only.
218-EZ  262/262 Degrees advertised duration, 11.00mm/11.00mm lift
  • EZ Power stage 1 plug and play cams to suit near stock engines.
218-SP  294/302 Degrees advertised duration, 12.40mm/12.40mm lift
  • Solid lifter pro drag racing cams to suit high RPM competition cars only.



Ford 2.3L ecoboost aftermarket cams

250-A  262/252 Degrees Advertised Duration,  9.50mm/9.00mm Valve Lift
  • Mild track day or street applications for near stock engines. Suits 48-64mm turbo making up to 650hp.
250-B  268/278 Degrees Advertised Duration, 10.50mm/10.50mm Valve Lift
  • Ultimate race performance for well built engines making 700hp+. Suits 64-72mm turbos with high RPM & big boost in mind.
250-EZ  246/248 Degrees Advertised Duration, 8.00mm/7.50mm Valve Lift
  • Designed to drop-in on stock valve springs and OEM engine internals. Great with upgraded turbo for engines making 320hp+
250-X  Custom Camshaft Design – please contact sales
KVS250-X – Installs at 37.70mm to give 76lb on seat Coil bind 24.0mm
  • KVS250-X Ford 2.3 Litre Ecoboost ‘PACALOY’ Beehive Valve Spring Kit

ford ecoboost 2.13L valve spring and titanium retainer kit

KVS250-X-T – Install at 37.70mm (1.484″) to give 76lb closed pressure. Coil bind 24.00mm
  • Ford 2.3 Litre Ecoboost ‘PACALOY’ Beehive spring and Titanium Retainer Kit. Suits high horsepower high rpm turbocharged engines. Retainer 50% lighter than OEM.

Performance Camshafts for 109e-116e-997-1600cc Engines

Designed and manufactured from many years of modifying and racing these engines ourselves, the Kelford camshaft range is among the best you will find anywhere in the world for this classic engine.

150-A  216/216 Degrees duration @ 0.050″ cam lift, .388″/.388″ lift
  • Mild performance cam, one step up from a GT
150-B  230/232 Degrees duration @ 0.050″ cam lift, .402″/.400″ lift
  • Fast road cam, suits single down draught or twin side draught carbs.
150-c  242/247 Degrees duration @ 0.050″ cam lift, .452″/.439″ lift
  • Club race or rally cam, suits twin 40’s, 145HP engine.
150-D  248/252 Degrees duration @ 0.050″ cam lift, .480″/.480″ lift
  • Rally and race cam, suits well built engine 150-160HP range.
150-E  262/262 Degrees duration @ 0.050″ cam lift, .470″/.470″ lift
  • Full race cam, suits light car, professionally built high-spec engine.
150-F  264/264 Degrees duration @ 0.050″ cam lift, .485″/.485″ lift
  • Full race cam, suits high compression, light car, close ratio gearbox.
150-J  253/253 Degrees duration @ 0.050″ cam lift, .430″/.430″ lift
  • Formula Junior single seater cam (between A6 & A8).

Blacktrack Performance Racing Street Machine Ford Barra Engine Build

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