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Camshaft Design Technology

The Kelford Cams Workshop team are driven by results to consistently deliver client expectations and specifications. Engine Applications include Drifting, Street, Circuit, 1/4 Mile Drag, Rally and more. Winning combination starts at the design stage.

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Using state of the art technology combined with cutting edge design software, Kelford Cams has managed to design, manufacture & deliver World First Designs including: Subaru FA20 and Toyota GR Yaris Camshafts.

Are you running a turbo?


Kelford Cams pride ourselves in being able to provide the most diverse catalogue of high-performance camshafts in the market. All our camshafts are manufactured to a very high grade and set of tolerances to ensure the customer will receive a part that is not only the best for performance, but also excellent for longevity and reliability. Every camshaft pass through multiple quality control stages, receive a unique laser engraved QC identifier to ensure our team can accurately assist you with any questions you may have of your product. Kelford Cams exist to unleash your engines power at any build level. We have an experienced team on hand to help you with any product selection our compatibility questions you may have.


Our valve spring packages have been carefully selected and developed in house to work specifically with our Kelford Cams. We have worked closely with the spring manufacturer to create packages that are reliable and will keep your valvetrain under control in all the regular, high stress environments that a Kelford cam package and customer will be throwing their way. All our Titanium Retainers and Spring Seats are made in house to a very strict set of tolerances that ensure your spring package is exactly what you need for your specific build.


Kelford Cams also offers a range of valve train components to suit most of our catalogue of camshafts including Valves, Valve guides, Stem seals, Timing kits, Cam Followers and Cam gears. These are sourced from a range of highly trusted and renowned partners in the industry, ensuring any parts you buy from us will sufficiently complement your Kelford cam package to unleash the power within your build.