Toyota Mark 5 Supra / BMW B58 Stage 1 Performance Camshaft – 270°/268° cams to suit Gen 2 B58 engine with bolt on intake, exhaust and turbo upgrades. For an engine producing around 550-750hp running a 58-68mm turbo. Still maintains full use of Valvetronic and Double VANOS for good throttle response and wide power band. Must have valve spring upgrade, Kelford Cams recommend valve spring KVS58-BT.


  • BMW have released these engines in several revisions. To simplify things the Kelford team have named these revisions Gen 1, Gen 1.5 & Gen 2
  • If you are unsure of the generation of your engine please contact the sales team & they will make sure you get the correct camshafts
  • Please view B58 Engine compatibility PDF: