BMW Gen1.5 B58 Camshafts - 285°/280° stage 2 racing cams for professionally built BMW Gen 1.5 B58 engines making 750hp-1000hp. Turbo sizing 62-72mm. Great with aftermarket intake plenums. Still can maintain full use of Valvetronic and Dual VANOS. Can run Valvetronic locked in full open position when using an aftermarket throttle body. Must have valve spring upgrade, Kelford Cams recommend valve spring KVS57-BT.  
  • BMW have released these engines in several revisions. To simplify things the Kelford team have named these revisions Gen 1, Gen 1.5 & Gen 2
  • If you are unsure of the generation of your engine please contact the sales team & they will make sure you get the correct camshafts