Honda L15B7. Racing valve springs with Titanium retainers, spring seats and stem seals. 70lb on seat at 35.6mm installed height. 140lbs at 11.0mm valve lift. Coil bind at 23mm. 11.6mm max lift (1mm safety). Can run to 8500rpm with Kelford’s 262- range of performance cams.

Lightweight titanium retainer is 30% less mass than the OEM part. This kit includes lightweight higher rate racing springs to allow the valvetrain to achieve a higher rpm limit. Valve spring is high frequency to help reduce spring surge at high rpm. The OEM spring base is replaced with new parts included in the kit. Stem seals will need to be removed when fitting this kit and replaced with those provided.

Kit includes: 16 valve springs. 16 titanium retainers. 16 stem seals. 8 intake spring seats. 8 exhaust spring seats.