VT SS Commodore

Fitzroy Motorsport - New Zealand

Block Internal Specifications:
Stock Pistons, Rods, & Crank.
Race bearings ARP studs,Cometic Head Gaskets, High Volume Oil Pump, Improved racing sump baffle.
Double Row Timing Chain
Kelford Cams – Custom
Cylinder heads specifications:
Stock heads, Double valve springs, cromoly pushrods, rocker trunnion upgrade
Intake system:
Custom EFI – 16 Injectors, custom fuel rails, Teflon braided hoses, running E85
Forced induction: 871 Stage 2 BDS Blower kit sourced from Warspeed Industries , water to air ice inter cooler, Enderlie Big & Ugly injection hat with a Joe Blow Speed Shop Rapta Air Enhancer
Fuel system: Running E85, Alloy fuel cell, carter low pressure pump, Holley high pressure pump, surge tank
Exhaust system: 3.5 Inch Headers, into twin mufflers then exit out the centre rear of the car to act like blast pipes. Built by Bruce Mills 2012 Ltd
Cooling system: Custom A1 Automotive Cooling radiator, Customs Fans, Ice Tank in boot, intercooler heat exchanger, power steering cooler
Gearbox: Holden T56
Gearbox builder: General Motors
Flywheel / clutch: Mantic Clutch 9000 series by MP-Autoparts
Diff / axles: Factory IRS diff with Billet tuff mount running a Full Spool, & Showtime Customs & Fabrication 1000hp axels
Other driveline components: 1 Piece custom driveshaft
Front Suspension Type: BC Gold adjustable coil overs, White line sway bar, Showtime Customs & Fabrication drift knuckles
Rear suspension type: BC Gold adjustable coil overs with Showtime Customs & Fabrication 50mm shorten rear arms
Vehicle exterior:
Modifications: Body kit upgraded to Club sport kit
Panel & Paint: Delta J Panel and Paint
Brand of Paint DNA Custom Paints El nino candy
Airbrush work in Engine Bay: MB Kustoms
Custome rear spoiler by Drift and Drag Wings
Gauges / meters: Race technology dash
Roll cage: Custom half cage built by Kaizen Works Ltd.
Performace: Car made 750 RWHP on about 12psi and 620 LBFT at 6600RPM , current tune is about 600RWHP at about 9psi.

Project Details
  • Owner:

    Fitzroy Motorsport

  • Location:

    New Zealand

  • Cams Purchased via:

    Kelford Cams

  • Engine Builder:

    Joel Arcus – Arcus Performance Ltd

  • Vehicle Make:

    Holden Commodore

  • Model:

    2000 VT SS

  • Engine Model:

    5.7L LS1

  • Camshaft Specs:


  • Fuel:


  • ECU:

    Link ECU / Race technology dash