180sx Pro Drift

Aaron Werth - Australia


Engine/Long Motor:
Originally low KM 2JZ GE VVTI (Front Sump)
Freshly rebuilt BY Griffo @ All Torque who is very proficient and has built many Golebys 1000hp Engine packages.
Align Bored
Cylinder bored
Kelford Cams 272 VVTI
Titanium Retainers & Springs
Acid washed
CP 86.5mm 10:1 Pistons
Spool H beam Rods 7/16th ARP 200 Rod bolts
Spool Billet Main Caps
ARP main studs
Modified Golebys Racer Sump Windage Tray and baffle box
Brand New Genuine Toyota GTE head gasket
ARP 2000 Head Studs
Genuine Toyota Shimless Bucket Conversion
Brand New Cera coated Genuine Toyota VVTI Gear
New Genuine VVTI Solenoid
Golebys Adjustable Exhaust cam gear
Billet Timing Belt tensioner Bracket
Gates Racing Timing Kit with genuine seals
Hot Side:
Genuine Garret G30-900 Super Core
Pulsar Front Cover and 0.83 T3 Rear Housing
6boost T3 Ge Manifold
TurboSmart WG50
Screamer out the bonnet with interchangeable Ground exit screamer for track regs
Turbo and WG Beanies
Cold Side:
Golebys Parts x CPC Sheet Plenum to suit GE Head
75mm Throttle body with Golebys Quick Release Intercooler Clamp weld on
Wiring/Engine Management/Ignition System:
Link ECU G4x FuryX
Powertune Digital Dash
All Sensors are Link ECU sensors
Fuel Pressure
Engine Oil Temp and pressure
Manifold Pressure
Coolant temp
Mac valve
Motorsport Spec Wiring Done in house at Golebys Parts using DTM connectors Loom Break outs and Firewall connectors.
BPP Genuine R35 Coil Kit
Working Power windows
Low and High boost switchable modes
High Boost 700hp @20psi
Low Boost 550hp @Gate Pressure 14psi
40L Black Fuel Cell
2L Surge Tank
1x Genuine Bosch 044 lift Through Surge Tank Prefilter
2x Genuine Bosch 044 Feed Through -8 Hardline engine feed
SpeedFlow 10Micron Filter
Radium GE Fuel Rail
Genuine Bosch 1650cc Flow Matched injectors
Turbosmart FPR1200
-6 Hardline Return
Cell in boot, rest of the system mounted under the floor on a removable panel.
Mishimoto X series s14/15 Radiator
12”, 16” Spal Thermos kept the car cool in the middle of summer
Mishimoto S line 600x300x76 Intercooler
16 row Oil cooler


Project Details
  • Owner:

    Aaron Werth

  • Location:

    QLD - Australia

  • Cams Purchased via:

    Golebys Parts

  • Vehicle Make:


  • Model:


  • Engine Model:


  • Camshaft Specs:

    272/278 Degrees advertised duration. 9.95mm/9.95mm lift

  • ECU:

    Link ECU G4x FuryX

  • Camshaft Product:

    2JZ-GTE VVTI V202-D