Nissan Powered VF Valiant

Troy Ibbett - Australia

Chrysler VF Valiant with a Nissan Heart


Metric Motorsport – Engine Tuning
Sam’s Upholstery – Trim
Cool Trimming – Vinyl Roof
Thelning Custom Paint
Rob fish – Leaf Springs
Mid Coast Diffs for the sweet differential
Neat Gearboxes for the Rebuild
and so many more.

Project Details
  • Owner:

    Troy Ibbett

  • Location:

    Adelaide - Australia

  • Cams Purchased via:

    Garage 7

  • Engine Builder:

    Troy with Engine Machining by Chris Milton Engine Development

  • Tuned By:

    Declan Walsh - Metric Motorsport

  • Vehicle Make:


  • Model:

    VF Valiant Sedan

  • Engine Model:

    Nissan RB30/25 de head

  • Head Work:

    Springs and Camshafts

  • Camshaft Specs:

    274&270/274 Degrees advertised duration, 10.55mm&10.50mm/10

  • Intake:

    Custom Made by Declan - Garage 7

  • Exhaust Manifold:

    Custom Made by Helps Metal Work

  • Valve Train:

    Kelford Cams, Springs, Standard Valves & Retainers

  • Rotating Assembly:

    Spool Conrods, CP Pistons, Standard Crank

  • Turbo:

    G35 garrett

  • Fuel:


  • ECU:

    Link Extreme

  • HP at the wheels:

    677rwhp e85 & 536rwhp on pulp 98

  • Torque:

    700nm at the hubs

  • Camshaft Product:

    High Performance Cams 182-S