106-EVO Hybrid

106 Evolution - France

The 106 Evolution project is an hybridation with a 106 Cartoon & Mitsubishi EVO IV. Owner and builder=PHILDAR
Stock cylinder, 2000cc
Pistons Wiseco HD 1400, 85.5mm
Rods Howards 1000+
Headgasket HKS V2
Kelford Cams 4-TX280R
Garrett GTX 3582 Carter TIAL
External WG TIAL 44mm
Injector 1400 CC
2* Bosch 044
ACL Motorsport Cleavite Bearings
Full ARP Stud Kit
New OEM Lifters
Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit
Brand new OEM complete engine gasket set (with/t Head Gasket

Xfertbox and axles of EVO 7RS
Fidanza Flywheels
Gearbox stock Evo4 for the moment
Exedy Triple disc
Front brakes: 6 pots XYZ in 355mm
Rear brakes : 300 mm 4 pots Brembo (Megane RS)
Wheels : Compomotive VLM 1880
Custom Roll cage

Seats : SPARCO REV plus
Harness RRS

Body Kit:
Full 106 Maxi MC Racing
Carbon Fiber doorcards kit – Custom
Roof, Bonnet, and hatback will be in Carbon Fiber Too

Project Details
  • Owner:

    106 Evolution

  • Location:


  • Cams Purchased via:

    Kelford Cams

  • Vehicle Make:

    Peugeot/EVO Hybrid

  • Model:


  • Engine Model:

    EVO 2000cc DOHC

  • Camshaft Specs:

    280/288 Degree advertised duration, 11.50/11.50mm lift

  • Exhaust Manifold:

    Exhaust Manifold Custom

  • Turbo:

    Garrett GTX 3582 carter TIAL

  • ECU:

    Sybele Challenger 6

  • Camshaft Product:

    Kelford Cams 4-TX280R