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GR yaris camshafts in G16E-GTS motor
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Toyota GR Yaris G16E-GTS Engine with Upgraded Camshafts
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G16E-GTS Engine

The pumping heart of a Toyota GR Yaris, the mighty G16E-GTS engine lies a symphony of cutting-edge technology. The combination of direct fuel injection, a high-efficiency intake system, and a dual overhead camshaft configuration optimizes fuel delivery and exhaust scavenging, resulting in an impressive power output and fuel efficiency. The precisely engineered electronic throttle control system seamlessly integrates with the engine management unit, ensuring instantaneous response to driver inputs and precise modulation of power delivery.

The engine's variable valve timing system further enhances performance, allowing for seamless transitions between low-end torque and high-RPM power. The integration of a high-performance exhaust manifold and a free-flowing exhaust system not only amplifies the engine's distinctive exhaust note but also minimizes back pressure, optimizing power delivery and enhancing overall engine efficiency.

GR Yaris Valve Springs


Designed for professionally built race engines running big boost and high RPM. Will support 65psi and 11,000RPM.

Toyota G16E-GTS | Valve Spring Set

Original price was: NZD $752.00.Current price is: NZD $676.80.

GR Yaris | GR Corolla Bronze Valve Guides

SKU: VG267-12
Original price was: NZD $167.40.Current price is: NZD $150.66.

G16E-GTS Modifications

Enthusiasts and tuners have embraced the potential of the G16E-GTS engine, exploring a myriad of upgrades and modifications to further enhance its performance. Upgrading the engine's camshafts & valve train, intake and exhaust systems, along with custom engine tuning, unlocks additional power and torque, unleashing the engine's full potential. Furthermore, aftermarket turbocharger upgrades and enhanced cooling systems offer enthusiasts the opportunity to push the boundaries of the G16E-GTS engine's performance capabilities while maintaining reliability and drivability.

Additionally, suspension and chassis enhancements complement the engine upgrades, ensuring that the vehicle's overall dynamics and handling characteristics evolve in harmony with the increased power output. From bolt-on modifications to comprehensive engine builds, the aftermarket support for the Toyota GR Yaris engine continues to expand, offering the opportunity to personalize and optimize your driving experience and performance goals.

Toyota GR Corolla Engine Parts by Fensport


560BHP Toyota GR Yaris has undergone a variety of modifications such as a fuel system upgrade with a flex fuel sensor and Syvecs ecu mapping.

Additionally, it has a forged engine, closed deck block, Kelford Cams/Spring package, Lamspeed Garrett G25-660 turbo kit and Lamspeed intake manifold.

The 1.6 litre 3 cylinder turbo engine is producing 380whp which equates to around 450bhp at the flywheel on Shell V-power 99ron fuel. The map is safe as it will be used on the track frequently, but it can make more on pump fuel if needed. The next step is to test it on E85 and find out what it can achieve. 

View Pumaspeed Performance Tuning

Toyota GR Yaris Lamspeed Racing Australia

Worlds Quickest GR Toyota Yaris.

- World Record 1/4 mile - 9.8 @ 142mph - Lamspeed Racing
- First GR Yaris into the 9s - Lamspeed Racing
- First GR Yaris into the 10s @ekanooracing @igorstrzalkowski
- Fastest GR Yaris at Tsukuba Japan Circuit - Garage G Force
- Fastest GR Yaris at Sydney Motorsport Park World Time Attack Challenge - Lamspeed Racing
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