What is a Camshaft?

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How Do Aftermarket Camshafts Improve Performance?

How Important is a Camshaft?

What is an Engine Camshaft and How Does It Work? Overall when it comes to building a high-performance vehicle with a powerful engine, one topic that car enthusiasts will argue over until the end of time is the customization of performance camshafts.

Furthermore, it would take years of engineering schooling to understand all the details of how camshaft performance works.

Undoubtedly, upgrading is a very technical and complicated topic. but here are a few different factors of a car’s performance that a Kelford Cams can achieve with the right combination of auto parts.

1.  Increased engine torque

2. Improved RPM performance

3. Enhanced horsepower

4. Higher engine speed performance

Not all engine camshafts are created equal.

You need to be very careful when choosing a new camshaft for your car, as choosing the wrong one can significantly drop your engine’s power.

What results are you trying to achieve?

Several factors are involved in selecting the perfect cam for your engine to maximize engine power and performance.

• Engine and vehicle application
• Cylinder heads
• Transmission and differential gearing
• Intake and exhaust manifolds
• Engine’s compression ratio
• Exhaust systems
• Size of tires
• Type of fuel delivery system
• Vehicle weight
• Type of transmission

AUDI (5)

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NISSAN (154)



MAZDA (21)

HONDA (26)


BMW (15)

TOYOTA (160)

FORD (33)

Kelford Cams Premium Camshafts, Valve Springs and Cam Gear

Choosing the right camshaft depends on your specific needs. If you're upgrading a street car, a camshaft with a wider lobe separation, lower lift, and duration under 230 degrees will provide a broad powerband, be easy on your engine, last longer, and save on costs. If you're going for a drag racing application, you'll need a camshaft in a specific RPM range that is built for high power engines and extreme durability. In that case, you'll want a camwith a tighter lobe separation, higher lift capacity, and duration up to 280 degrees to maximize power output.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of what you are looking for and what your expectations are before making a decision.

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