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As high performance camshaft & valvetrain manufacturers and we can answer all questions whether simple to very technical. Some common questions we often receive include:

  • What is an Adjustable Timing/Cam Gear?
  • Is it necessary to upgrade cam gears?
  • What are the differences between OEM vs Adjustable Cam Gears?

It's crucial to understand how each of these parts will benefit your engine before making any decisions. So, let's take a minute to discuss its advantages.

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A camshaft controls the opening and closing of intake and/or exhaust valves using machined lobes. The valve timing controlled by the camshaft determines the amount of air-fuel mixture that goes in & how much exhaust gas goes out, directly affecting driveability & power.



A typical DOHC engine has cams for intake valves and exhaust valves. Cam gears are sprockets bolted to camshafts & spun by belts or chains from the crankshaft. Aftermarket cam gears are lightweight in comparison to OEM & adjust camshaft timing.


What is an Adjustable Cam Gear?

Adjustable cam gears are a useful tool to optimize camshaft timing for better performance and driveability. However, the ideal positioning for your car depends on factors such as engine size, camshaft profile, and performance modifications. There is no cookie-cutter solution for the perfect position, even for stock cars. With factory setting adjustments, adjustable cam gears can increase power and driveability by changing peak power throughout the rpm range. This benefit is ideal for low-end city drivers, mid-range autocrossers, or high-rpm drag racers.

Camshaft Gear Manufacturing


Adjustable cam gears vary in quality due to their adjustable nature. Cheaper models tend to have bolts that slip, resulting in potential disaster. Buyers should also consider the machining quality of the cam gear teeth, as lower quality machining can result in gears with poor grip that wear down prematurely and can lead to disastrous failures.

Kelford Cams employs advanced CNC technology and implements strict QC protocols for their small batch runs. Our custom-designed gears are CNC machined from top-quality 6061 T6 aluminum, surpassing OEM standards in accuracy. The bevelled tooth edges promote extended belt life while hard anodizing ensures product longevity. Our cam gear features precise degree markings, which are laser etched for improved engine tuning. Durable high-quality fasteners and a heli-coil thread insert in the ring gear provide sufficient torque application, allowing for confident multiple adjustments without compromising the threads' integrity.

Kelford uses Heli-coil thread inserts in our gears to enable multiple adjustments during tuning without any worry of thread wear.

The five M6 bolts are torqued up to provide substantial friction between the inner and outer, eliminating any chance of slip.

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