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What is the Function of the Valve Guide?

Valve guides are important components of modern internal combustion engines. They ensure that engine valves are properly aligned and function correctly by introducing air for combustion or eliminating post-combustion exhaust gases. A durable and precisely crafted valve guide is essential because it supports the intake/exhaust valve stem, stabilizes valve attitude, and allows heat to escape to the cylinder head side.

Manganese Bronze

Received 550 meters of our proprietary Manganese Bronze ready to be turned into machine engineered high quality intake and exhaust guides.

Bronze Valve Guides
Bronze Valve Guides
Cast Iron vs Maganese Bronze

Why are Bronze Valve Guides Better?

Cast iron guides are great for OEM street engines but can become damaged or even crack and fail when used in high horsepower performance or racing engines. Kelford Cams have developed a series of high-performance valve guides for popular engines including Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi & Honda. Excellent for setting up your cylinder heads to make reliable power.

Manganese bronze guides offer many benefits over cast iron; higher strength, more load capacity, low friction, improved heat transfer rate and good corrosion resistance.

Manganese bronze is compatible with all valve stem materials. If you’re upgrading your valves and they are stainless steel, manganese bronze guides are required. Cast iron guides are incompatible with stainless steel, these parts can gall/stick and seize.

Designed to perfectly fit the valve stem seals we sell. The intake and exhaust guides are shaped differently, to allow for improved air flow on the intake side and to withstand the high temperatures of exhaust flow.

Precision Engineered

The valve guides are machined in-house on our brand-new CNC turning centres to extremely tight tolerances.
Requires honing after fitment.



Kelford Cams Propietary Manganese Bronze



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BMW (15)


FORD (33)

HONDA (26)


MAZDA (21)


NISSAN (154)


TOYOTA (160)


Can-Am (4)

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