How to Degree Your Camshafts?

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Aaron Bonk

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What You Will Need:
  • You can’t degree cams without a degree wheel. A degree wheel will reveal all sorts of information relating to valve timing events. Larger wheels typically yield more accurate results.
  • You’ll also need a dial indicator with some sort of base that’ll attach firmly to the cylinder head. If your dial indicator’s got a magnetic base, bolt a scrap piece of steel to the cam caps and place it there.
  • Some sort of pointer, like a coat hanger or a stick of welding rod, along with a piston stop will also be necessary.
  • Your cam manufacturer should’ve provided you with a cam card. It’s got all sorts of important information on it that you’ll need to degree your cams.
  • Gather whatever hand tools you’ll need to access your valvetrain, adjust your valves, and rotate your crank.

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