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“NEW WORLD RECORD – Kelford Cams bringing in huge gains for the EMS Mustang using a Precision Turbo & Engine 6785 and tuned by PD TuningXtreme-DI LLC teamed up with Kelford and gave us a special hpfp lobe (3 lobe) that really upped our DI output.”


The EcoBoost engine is a popular choice due to its impressive torque at low rpm.

Engineered Motorsports Solutions is a company that has built a reputation for providing top-notch products and services for the EcoBoost community.

Jessie Ringley, the founder, made the bold choice to push the 2.3L platform to its limits. Jessie has broken many records including the EcoBoost horsepower record and the fastest quarter-mile time out of a Ford EcoBoost.

The key to this success is the combination of a custom spec camshafts by Kelford Cams, Precision 6785 turbocharger and a small shot of nitrous forced into the built sleeved block. This combination is expertly managed by a MoTeC ECU, completely tuned by PD Tuning. The engine is also equipped with EMS high-compression pistons and a Phil Meinzar BMF head with Kelford Cams package including 250-X camshafts, DLC Cam Followers KCF-250 and Premium Beehive Valve Springs KVS250X-T

The ultimate goal is to achieve an 8-second quarter-mile time, Kelford Cams team are keen to see what happens next with his move to a billet block and larger turbo

Block-Splitting EcoBoost Breaks Record With 1,006 Horsepower Pull

Article by Ford Muscle, written by: Steve Turner

“If we can sustain this power level, we foresee running in the 7-second quarter-mile range in the S550 chassis, but we won’t stop there. — Jessie Ringley, Engineered Motorsport Solutions”

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From Jessie: Engineered Motorsport Solutions Inc

“Big thanks to my friends at Kelford Cams and Xtreme-DI LLC for making this happen!!
We would like to take this time announce Kelford has came on board as a sponsor for the 2023 racing season!! As part of that sponsorship, they have provided us with a custom ground set of camshafts for The EcoBeast!! These cams come with a considerable increase to duration and a special trick that we will keep to ourselves for the time being! They also provided us with a set of their beehive valve springs and DLC coated buckets (they’re so beautiful 😍 😍)!! We cannot say thank you enough to Kelford for helping us on the #journeytothe7s !
I mentioned XDI earlier and let me tell you why… Uwe Ostmann… I can’t say enough good things about this guy. He’s supported our racing program from the very beginning and has always provided me with what I need to win and he’s done it again!! As you may or may not know, to turning high rpm in an EcoBoost is very hard on the hpfp past 7000 rpm. Iirc, Uwe says I would float the pump past 7500 rpm and I risk catastrophic failure. This is why we swapped to the ST 3 lobe cams on our car. We had no fear of floating the pump, but did lose fueling overhead due to the 25% reduction in pump duty cycle. However, Uwe got with Kelford and gave us permission to use a special 3 lobe design he has designed to not only accommodate the high rpm but to actually INCREASE the pump output!!!”

EMS reset our EcoBoost World Record to 8.77 in the 1/4 & 5.59 in the 1/8th at Kentucky Dragway this weekend. We finally have the suspension sorted out, and the car is a rocket in the 1/8th mile.

Ford 2.3L ecoboost aftermarket cams

250-A  262/252 Degrees Advertised Duration,  9.50mm/9.00mm Valve Lift
  • Mild track day or street applications for near stock engines. Suits 48-64mm turbo making up to 650hp.
250-B  268/278 Degrees Advertised Duration, 10.50mm/10.50mm Valve Lift
  • Ultimate race performance for well built engines making 700hp+. Suits 64-72mm turbos with high RPM & big boost in mind.
250-EZ  246/248 Degrees Advertised Duration, 8.00mm/7.50mm Valve Lift
  • Designed to drop-in on stock valve springs and OEM engine internals. Great with upgraded turbo for engines making 320hp+
250-X  Custom Camshaft Design – please contact sales
KVS250-X – Installs at 37.70mm to give 76lb on seat Coil bind 24.0mm
  • KVS250-X Ford 2.3 Litre Ecoboost ‘PACALOY’ Beehive Valve Spring Kit

ford ecoboost 2.13L valve spring and titanium retainer kit

KVS250-X-T – Install at 37.70mm (1.484″) to give 76lb closed pressure. Coil bind 24.00mm
  • Ford 2.3 Litre Ecoboost ‘PACALOY’ Beehive spring and Titanium Retainer Kit. Suits high horsepower high rpm turbocharged engines. Retainer 50% lighter than OEM.


KCF-250 – 31mm OD. 3.50mm shim. 25mm skirt
  • Designed specifically for the Ford Ecoboost 2.L Engine:

Kelford Cams DLC Coated Buckets Feature:

  • larger internal fillet and reinforced skirt.
  • Increased rigidity increases both camshaft and bucket longevity.
  • DLC coated follower surface decrease friction
  • Decreases surface wear and oil temps
  • Improves torque required to turn the camshaft.