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Seadoo High Performance Camshaft

Brand New Realease - In Stock Ready to Ship Worldwide

Kelford Cams marine range of Sea-Doo Cams are designed for 1503-1360 Rotax 4-TEC engines from early 2000s to current variants. Extremely ridged camshaft to withstand all water sports applications. Profiles feature maximised valve area for a given degree of duration, this allows perfect throttle response while maintaining top end power and valve train stability.

232-A Stage 1 Suit Stock engine. Great power gains all the way to the Stock Rev limiter.

232-B Stage 2 Cam upgrade for engines with a larger supercharger. Suits up to 25lb boost and 9500 RPM with matching KVS03 valve springs.

232-C Turbo Designed for 300hp + engines running big boost and high RPM, Requires KVS03 Beehive Spring and Titanium retainer kit to support 10,000RPM.


Southern Jet have gained an international reputation for building & supplying premium jet boats, engines and high quality components. Fitted with custom profile Kelford Cams.

River Racing NZ

Golden Moments of River Racing

It was one boat at a time, only against the clock… but still it proved too much for some! Check out some of the highlights of the Time Trial to find seeding order for the start of the 2022 NZ Marathon.

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It’s a river that can make or break your marathon and today was no different with plenty of highs and lows. A class Justin Hill is still keeping the gas turbines honest on a constantly changing river that might have helped his cause.

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