Mazda 6 MPS

Sheldon Govender

@Gapped Performance


  • Jar Customs (Performance Finishes) for the amazing paintwork on the valve cover and JMF intake manifold
  • Janus from Jt race engines for making sure the engineering was on point
  • Bennie Troskie for putting the entire build together And tuning her to become the weapon she is
  • Thomas Goatley, for answering all my questions and advising the best cam profile based on my headwork done already – New Zealand
  • Mazdaspeed Wiretuck – Eric Yourbough for the amazing quality Wire tuck USA
  • Nick Pagan from Graveyard Performance for supplying and advising on the suspension and engine Internals USA
  • Shelby Salyers for the Corksport performance items
  • Terence J Odendaal from CPM who custom fabricated the front mount intercooler setup on the ground
Project Details
  • Owner:

    Sheldon Govender

  • Location:

    Johannesburg - South Africa

  • Cams Purchased via:

    Kelford Cams

  • Engine Builder:

    JT Race Engines - Janus & Bennie Troskie

  • Tuned By:

    Bennie troskie from Bennies Garage

  • Vehicle Make:


  • Model:

    Mazda 6 MPS

  • Engine Model:

    2.3L Disi Engine

  • Head Work:

    Full Port and polish with extensive bowl work, Inlet and exits ports widened for maximum flow

  • Camshaft Specs:

    272/278 Degrees advertised duration, 11.0mm/11.0mm lift

  • Intake:

    JM Fabrications V2 Port Fueling - Corksport 4 inch Air Intake

  • Exhaust Manifold:

    Corksport with Tial 44mm EWG & Dumptube

  • Valve Train:

    Supertech Valves & Kelford Cams KVS17X

  • Rotating Assembly:

    Fully balanced Manley Htuff plus rods and Manley 88mm Extreme pistons “dished”. Corksport balance shaft delete Keyed crank ACT 6 puk clutch with streetlite flywheel

  • Turbo:

    Corksport CST 6 Ball Bearing

  • Fuel:

    Pump 95 with E10 mix

  • ECU:

    OEM Ecu with Cobb Software

  • HP at the wheels:

    Currently on E10 mix 568 awhp

  • Torque:


  • Camshaft Product:

    Kelford Cams 247-C