Lancer EVO 8

Dann Fourg - Australia

EVO 8 running EVO 9 parts
Nitto 2.2L Stroker Kit
4G63 Block
Precision 6870
PTE6870 turbocharger
Kelford Cams with Valve Springs & Retainers
Kelford Cams 9-TX280R
Motec M150
Motec C1212 Dash
Hollinger Paddle Shift Sequential
Elig Brakes Australia SB539 front & rear brake pads combined with HEL braided brake lines.
Motul RBF660 brake fluid.

Makes 800awhp through the MoTeC M150 ECU & a Holinger MF-E9 paddle shift transmission.

A new TRP engine will have the Kelford Cams 280X Solid 4G63 Cam getting installed soon.

Project Details
  • Owner:

    Dann Fourg

  • Location:


  • Cams Purchased via:

    Kelford Cams

  • Shout out to:

    Benchmark Solutions

  • Vehicle Make:


  • Model:

    Evolution 8

  • Engine Model:


  • Camshaft Specs:

    280/288 Degree advertised duration, 11.50/11.50mm lift

  • Camshaft Product:

    4G63 EVO 9 High Performance Cam Set